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Stauning El Clásico - Rye Whisky - Vermouth Finish

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Tasting Notes

The nose is filled with the scent of apples, oranges, warm spices, and roasted caramel.
The lips are met with a sweet and piercing kiss of dried fruits, citrus and crushed pepper.
A long, warm finish with bittersweet notes of vermouth.


Enjoy El Clásico neat in your favourite sipping glass or in a tumbler with clear ice. Or try making the most classic of all whisky-based cocktails: The Manhattan.

- Bartender tip

Taste and Character Designed in Denmark:

Made from Danish rye and barley sourced from two local farms

Grains are 100% floor malted and kiln-dried at the distillery

Double distilled in 24 small direct-fired copper pot stills

Matured on-site in heavy charred American virgin oak barrels for and finished in vermouth casks for over 6 months

Grain-to-Glass Danish Whisky
Bottled at Stauning Whisky Distillery. No colour added. Not chill filtered

Research Series Release #3

The Research Series is our playground. A place to try out outrageous ideas and experiments. We keep the bad ideas to ourselves, but the best of them - we share with you.

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