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Say Halløj
to Danish
Rye Whisky

Say <span>Halløj</span>
 <br>to Danish
 <br>Rye Whisky

A distinctly Danish approach to whisky:

Stauning Danish Rye Whisky, an exceptional alternative to traditional American rye whiskey. Made with Danish rye which has
been growing in the tranquil Danish nature for over 2,000 years. Stauning whisky offers a unique flavor profile that’s rich, nuanced, and perfectly balanced. Discover a new dimension of rye whisky with Stauning Danish Rye Whisky.


  • Local Danish ​rye & barley
  • 100% floor-malted​ for maximum flavor​
  • Direct-fired small copper pot stills ​(24 of them)​
  • Bottled on-site, natural colour, ​non-chill filtered​


“Complex and delicious, this deep-flavored rye opens with espresso, dark chocolate, and hints of campfire smoke and barrel char.

Stauning Whisky is an invitation to unwind and savor life’s simple pleasures. Danes practice Hygge, the enjoyment of simple pleasures shared together every day, perhaps the reason we are one of the happiest nations in the world.

Stauning was founded in 2005 by a collective of nine friends setting out to make a difference and bring whisky distilling back to Denmark. Stauning whisky offers a stripped-back, pure experience, removing the unnecessary and focusing on what truly matters.

Truly grain to glass: All of Stauning’s ingredients are local. The rye and barley grains are grown a bike ride away from the distillery by two local farmers. Everything is done in house – from 100% floor malting of the grains, double-distilling in small direct-fired copper pot stills, maturing in high quality oak barrels, even filling every single glass bottle of Stauning Danish Rye Whisky.

Welcome to Stauning

Stauning's approach is deeply rooted in the principles that have long defined the quality and beauty of Danish things — simplicity, being close to nature, craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality. Each grain of rye and barley, nurtured in the rich
Danish soil for over two millennia, is a testament to our dedication to tradition and reverence for the land.

Stauning whisky is a product of intention and design. Every step of our process, from the traditional floor malting to the gentle ageing in carefully selected casks, is carried out with meticulous attention to detail.

Welcome to Stauning — where Danish tradition meets the art of whisky-making.

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